Bright of the twilight permeates the room,

it shines over her, making her smile so irresistible,

and I saw an angel.


As the song begins to play,

her embrace closed in, her feet started to glide ever so lightly,

there she would sway,



Dancing with no flaws.

on this dance floor, this is where she belongs.


Her moves so gentle, matching the song perfectly,

she closes hers eyes, indulged in the melody,

the hem of her dress caresses the floor like the leaf sailing on water,

under this dazzling sunshine, embraced by this lovely song,

so ravishing a dance my eyes have never beheld.


Every step she takes tells a story of her,

with grace,

and with poise.


She hums along with the dance,

flirting with the music, and she smiles,

and this is paradise.


If i could be the other half that is barely tolerable,

to hold her in my embrace,

we shall dance to the end of our stories.


Poem Di Vino by Mike

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