That Sunny Morning

Happy Valentine's Day!

It’s been a long long time.

I saw your face,

And it felt like the blue blue sky,

Where puffy clouds wander by.

no boundaries, no lines,

I’ve seen it all. That’s a palpable lie.

You smiled and you cried,

You laughed and you sighed.

I want to picture those moments make it all mine mine,

for all the while I am thine.


Oh, the mornings that are ever so lovely,

The future is not all that scary,

You make eggs that’s not salty,

I pour you a steamy hot coffee,

You jump and thump when telling your story,

You scream and shout with all the smiley,

I grin like a chubby baby,

You point and say fat was my belly,

And jeans are not for fatty.

You are still and always the beauty,

the drama and the pleasant lady.


Poem Di Vino by Mike

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